Never Stop Developing Your Talents

Talents come in so many shapes and sizes.  Through the years I have realized how important it is to develop them. Talents do not have to be art or needle work and come in all varieties. These talents also come in the form of business, writing, acting, service, and so forth. I cannot stress how important a life of continuing to develop these talents and others are important. My personal talents are done with my hands. I love to build in many ways and am looking for more ways to expand and become better than I was.  As a child I compared myself to my older siblings which were far more artistic than I. I didn’t think I was good enough, so during my childhood I didn’t develop some of them. Because of that I realized the importance of not comparing yourself to anything or anyone but yourself. As long as your are progressing you are WINNING!! I want to share these talents with you and I want to see what you do. People are amazing and marvelous…. You are amazing and marvelous.

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