Crochet Heart Applique

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Crafts by Starlight


Heart Appliqué measures 8” wide. Great appliqué for blankets and pillows. I made this from wool easy yarn which is worsted weight yarn.

Materials: Wool-Ease yarn; Blush Heather and Rose Heather, Crochet Hook Size J, and darning needle.


CH = Chain

SL = Slip Stitch

SC = Single Crochet

DC = double Crochet


Heart: Blush Heather

Base: Ch 3, 4 DC in 1st Ch made, CH 3, turn.

Row 1: 2 DC in each sp across, Ch 3, turn.

Row 2: 2 DC in 1st sp, 7 DC, 2 Dc in last sp, Ch 3, turn.

Row 3: 2 DC in 1st, 10 DC, 2 Dc in last sp, Ch 3, turn.

Row 4: 2 DC in 1st sp, 13 DC, 2 DC in last sp, Ch 3, turn.

Row 5:2 DC in 1st sp, 16 DC, 2 DC in last sp, CH 3, turn.

Row 6-8: (CH 3 acts as 1st DC), Sk 1st sp, 20 DC, Ch 3.

Row 9(hump of heart): SK 1st sp, DC2tog, 6 DC, DC2tog, Ch 3, turn.

Row 10: Sk 1st sp, Dc2tog, 4 DC, Dc2tog, Ch 3, turn.

Row 11: Sk 1st sp, 3 DC, DC2tog, Tie off.

Turn heart around and connect to end of row 8, Ch 3,

Rep rows: 9-11 except on row 11, CH 1, turn.


Rnd 1: SC around, 3 SC in bottom of heart to turn corner

Rnd 2: *SK 1 sp, 5 Dc in next, Sk 1 sp, SC rep from * around. Note (in bottom 3 sps corner of heart, 3 Dc in each 3 sps), Tie off and hide string.

With darning needle sew around heart to sew onto your chosen project.

Optional: I took Heather Rose yarn and made a chain long enough for the inside of the heart and sewed that into the inside of the heart.

Crochet Heart Applique