Easter Egg

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Crafts by Starlight


Crochet some of your Easter Eggs this year! It is made from 2 motifs that you then stiffen with fabric Stiffener, Fill with Easter Candy or money, and then hold the two pieces together with ribbon. Great idea and so much fun.


Materials: Any Color of Size 10 Thread, Size 1.80 mm crochet hook, Fabric Stiffener, and tin foil


CH = Chain

SL = Slip Crochet

SC = Single Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

SP(S) = Space(s)

SK = Skip


Motif 1: Bottom of egg

Base: Ch 2

Rnd 1: 10 SC in 1st CH made, SL to 1st SC made.

Rnd 2: CH 3 turn, SK 1st sp, * DC, 2 SC in next sp, Rep from * around, SL to 1st DC made,

Rnd 3: Rep Round 2, except this time you will end with 1 DC,

Rnd 4: Rep Rnd 2

Rnd 5: CH 4 turn, SK 2 sps, * DC, Ch 2, SK 1 sp, Rep from * around, SL to 3rd CH made,

Rnd 6: CH 3 (acts as 1st DC made of the 3 needed so 1st CH 2 sps only needs 2 DC), 3 DC in each CH 2 sp around. SL to 1st DC made,

Rnd 7: CH 3 turn, SK 1st sp, DC around, SL to 1st DC made, (51 DC)

Rnd 8: Rep Rnd 7

Rnd 9: * CH 4, SK 4 SP, SC, Rep from* around to last sp SK last sp and SL to 1st DC made,

Rnd 10: CH 1, turn. * 4 SC in CH 4 sp, SC in SC sp, Rep from * around SL to 1st SC made, Tie off and hide string.


Motif 2: Top of egg

Rep from Base to Rnd 7;

Skip Rnd 8 completely

Rep Rnd 9 and 10.

Make a form for the egg:

I took tinfoil and made a form of an egg.  Make sure it is big enough to fit the motifs snuggly.


Stiffen your egg:

Take fabric stiffener and stiffen the 2 motifs of the eggs and place them onto the egg form. And pin them down to the form.


Let your egg dry:

You can let your eggs sit overnight and completely dry or what I like to do is get out your blow-dryer and dry it that way.


Take a ribbon and weave it in any like manner though Rnd 9 on both motifs. Completely go around the egg and tie a bow and you are now finished.  Don’t for get to put your treats into the egg!

Easter Egg