Body Scrubber

Designed by

Crafts by Starlight


Easy and Fun Project!  Just place your favorite soap inside and scrub yourself super clean! You will love this one. Easy clean up just throw it in the wash.

Materials: Sugar N Cream yarn of any color you wish, Size 5.5 knitting needles, and Darning needle.


K = Knit

P= purl


Cable 4 = put two sts onto cable needle and hold in front of work, K 2, then work K2 off of cable needle.


Cast on 18 sts

Row 1: K across

Row 2(and all even rows): P across

Row 3: K7, Cable 4, K7

Row 5: K across

Rep Rows 1-6: 14 times

Rep Row 1 and 2

Cast off


Fold Strip into 3rds with the ends overlapping by an inch

Take a darning needle and sew up the sides.

Place the soap inside and Scrub away!

Body Scrubber