Child Hoodie with Scarf

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Crafts by Starlight


This Sweater has no buttons but is just something to keep you warm around the house like a wrap. This fits a child size 8-9T. It has a built in scarf to wrap around the neck area.


Materials: Simply Caron yarn: Soft Blue, Off White, Knitting Stitch Holders, Knitting Needles: Size 5.5 mm, Crochet hook Size G, Darning Needle, and Knitting markers.



K = Knit


INC = increase by Knitting in front and back loops,

K2tog = Knit 2 sts together

PM = Place Marker

SM = Slip Marker

CC = Change Color

BL = Back loop

SC = Single Crochet


Sweater – Neck: Off White

Cast on 75 sts

Row 1: K12, PM, K12, PM, K27, PM, K12, PM, K12

Row 2(and every even row):  P across

Row 3-11: *K to 1 st before 1st marker, INC, SM, INC, Rep from * 3 times, K to end.

CC to Soft Blue

Row 13-23: Rep Row 3

CC to off white

Row 25-35: Rep Row 3

(Note: after row 35 you should have 29 sts from your beginning of row to 1st marker)

CC to Soft Blue

Separation Row, Row 37: K to 1st marker (place sts on a holder), K to 2nd marker (place sts on a holder),K to 3rd  marker (place sts on holder), K to 4th marker (leave these sts on your knitting needle), Take remaining un-worked sts and place on holder you will finish these sts later.


Right and left Sleeves: Soft Blue

Row 1: Cast on one st to beginning, P across, cast one st to end. (48 sts across)

Row 2: K across

Row 3 and every odd row unil row 19: P across

Rows 4-6: Rep row 2

Row 8:*K6, K2tog, rep from * across. (42 sts)

Row 10-16: Rep row 2

Row 17: Cast off.

Fold Sleeve in half along row 10. And pick up 42 sts along the wrong side (purl side) of Row 10. And contine sleeve.

CC to Off White

Row 18-25: *K 3, P3, Rep from * across, (odd rows too).

Row 26: Cast off.



Body: Put the sts from the holders back onto the knitting needles by putting the undone sts of row 37 onto one needle and the rest onto another. Then finish knitting the undone sts from row 37(dividing row) by attaching the blue yarn to the armpit of the right sleeve and k across. All of the sts should now be on the same needle.

Row 38 and all even rows: P across

Row 39: K across

Row 41-49: K3, K2tog in BL, K across to last 5 sts, K2tog, K3

CC to off white

Row 51-61: rep Row 41

CC to Soft Blue

Row 63-73: Rep row 41

CC to Off White

Row 75: *K3, P3, Rep across.

Row 76: *P3, K3, Rep across.

Row 77-86: Rep rows 75 and 76

Row 87: Cast off and hide string.


Hoodie: Soft Blue

With right side facing you: (evenly) 72 SC around the neck of jacket tie off and hide string.


Right Side facing you Pick up 72 crochet loops around the neck going from left to right on one needle

Row 1: On Cast on 60 sts onto another needle, K your 72 sts you just picked up, Cast on 60 more sts.

Row 2 and all even rows: P across (192 sts).

Row 3: K 95, INC, PM, INC, K95

Row 5-13: K across to 1 st before marker INC, SM, INC, K across.

Row 14: Cast off 60 sts, P 84, Cast off 60 sts, Tie off hide string.

With right side facing you, attach off white yarn to 1st st   of row.

Row 15-21: K to 1 st of marker, Inc, SM, Inc, K across.

Row 23-25: K across

CC to soft blue

Row 27-37: K across

CC to off white
Row 39-43: K across

Row 45-49: K across to 2 sts, before marker, K2tog in BL, SM, K2tog, K across

CC to soft blue

Row 51-61: rep row 45

Row 63: K across

Row 64: Cast off


Fold hood in half so right sides r facing each other and sew the top of the hood shut.


Turn jacket inside out and sew up the arms with white yarn.


With right side facing you start at the bottom of the jacket working upward and around the jackets opening, SC around the jacket. Do not crochet the bottom of jacket.

Important note: to not SC to close together or you will not get a straight edging for the jacket and get a rippled effect. Space the SC evenly around the jacket.


You must Block your work to prevent curling. This can be done at a dry cleaners or yourself.


Have fun!

Child Hoodie with Scarf