Iced Scarf

Designed by

Crafts by Starlight

This is a great winter scarf! It is made from bamboo blend yarn and is soft and warm. This Scarf alternates two different Stitches which give the scarf a great texture. Extra Cute! Extra Fun.

Materials: Spa Yarn (made by Caron) Ocean Spray, and Berry Frappe, and 4 mm Knitting Needles

K = Knit

P = Purl

YO = Yarn Over

P4tog = Purl four together

Stripe one – Ocean Spray yarn:

Cast on 50 sts

Row 1: P2, *YO, P4tog, P2, Rep from * across ending with P2

Row 2: K3, * in YO sp (K1, P1, K1), K1, P1, K1, Rep across from * End with K2,

Row 3: K50 across.

Rep rows 1-3 until measures 2” and Change Color

Strip two – With Berry Frappe

Row 1Ribbed Stitch: *K1, P1, Rep across from * until measures 2” (12 rows)

Repeat Stripe one and two 17 times then end with Stripe one. This gives you a medium size Scarf of 70”

Icing Scarf