Bow Headband

Designed by

Crafts by Starlight


So fun! Easy and cute! This headband fits a woman adult head. This pattern can easily be changed for a child as well. Knit headbands are not only cute but very much in style right



Materials: Caron Simple Soft: Orchid and Grey Heather Yarn, Size 5MM Knitting Needle, Knitting Marker and a Size H crochet hook.



K= Knit

P= Purl

PM= Place Marker

SM = Slip Marker

CC = Change Color

K2tog = Knit 2 sts together

INC = increase by Knitting in both front and back loops




SL = Slip Stich

SC = Single Crochet


Headband: Orchid

Cast on 8 sts

Row 1: K4, PM, K4

Row 2 and all even rows: P across

Row 3: K to 1 st before marker, INC, SM, INC, K to end

Row 5-9: rep Row 3

Row 11: K to 2 sts before marker, K2tog in BL, SM, K1, K2tog, K to end

Row 13-17: repĀ  row 11

Row 19: K across


CC to Grey

Row 21: K across

Row 23: INC, K to last 2 sts, INC, K 1

Row 25: K across

Row 27: Rep Row 23


CC to Orchid

Row 29: K across

Row 31: Rep Row 23

Row 33: K across

Row 35: K across


CC to Grey

Row 37-93: K Across


CC to Orchid

Row 95: K across

Row 97: K across

Row 99: K2tog in BL, K across to 2 last sts, K2tog, K1

Row 101: K across


CC to Grey

Row 103: Rep row 99

Row 105: K across

Row 107: Rep row 99

Row 109: K across


CC to Orchid

Row 111: K across

Rows 113-119: Rep Row 3

Rows 121-127: Rep row 11

Row 129: K

Row 130: Cast off.


With Crochet Hook H

SC around the perimeter of the headband and SL to the fisrt SC made, tie off and hide string. Switch the colors as you go around to match the headband colors.


You must block your headband so it lay flat.


How to Wear:

Place the middle of the headband behind the head and pull the rest toward the front. You then tie a knot and two flared ends will look and act as your bow.