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Fun Tatted Butterfly. This tatted doodle is made with a size 20 variegated thread. So much FUN! Great for scrapbooking pages.


Materials: Tow shuttles, Size 20 thread of your choice, The need to know how to do Split rings, and a small Crochet hook.


Wings: Make 2


R1: 4–4-4 CL. RW.

CH1: 3-3-3 RW.


R2: 4+(to last P in R1)4-4. CL. RW.

CH2: 3-3-3 RW.


R3: 5–5 CL. RW.

CH3: 3-3-3-3. RW.


R4: 5+(to p in R3)5. CL. RW

CH4: Rep CH 3


R5: Rep R4

CH5: Rep CH3



R6: 5-5. CL

R7: 6+(to 1st p in R1)6. CL.

R8: 5-5. Cl RW

CH6: Rep Ch3.


R9: 5–5. CL. RW.

CH7: Rep CH3.


R10: 5+(to P in R9)5 CL. RW

CH8: Rep CH3


R11: 5+(to p in R9)5 CL. RW.

CH9: Rep CH2.


R12: 4-4-4 CL. RW.

Ch10: Rep CH2.


R13: 4+(to P in R12)4+(to 1st P in R1)4 CL. Tie off



Body- Split Rings from tail to head.


SPR1: 10/CL.

SPR2: 12/12 CL.

SPR3: 4+(to wing1 CH10 1st P made)4+(to wing1 CH10 2nd P made)4/4+(to wing2 CH10 1st P made)4+(to wing2 CH10 2nd P made)4 CL.

SPR4: 8+(to Wing1 CH1 1st P made)8/8+(to Wing1 CH1 1st P made)8 CL.

SPR5: 8/8 CL. Cut Thread


Tie a knot on each individual thread for the antennas

Tatted Butterfly