Clover Bookmark

Design by

Crafts by Starlight


Easy Bookmark to make! Everyone needs a tatted bookmark. It is a keepsake that lasts forever.

Materials: Size 30 Thread of any color you choose, Two shuttles, Small Crochet hook, and Ribbon(optional)


R = Ring

CH = Chain

CL = Close Ring

RW = Reverse Work

P = Picot

+ = attach

— =Small Picot

# = number of ds



R1:14 – 2 cl.

R2:2 + (to prev P) 8 – 8 – 2 cl.

R3:2 + (to prev P) 14 cl.



*Clover RW.

CH: 10 – 10 RW.

Rep from * 7 times.


Clover RW.

CH: 10 +(to 9 in 3rd CH row before)10 RW.


*Clover RW.

CH 10 +(to next p in CH row) 10 RW.

Rep from * 4 times.


*Clover RW.

CH: 10 – 10 RW.

Rep from * 1 more time.

Tie to beginning.



Time to Stiffen!


Take you new bookmark and Stiffen with Fabric stiffener.

Shape the bookmark to how you want it to look.

Let the bookmark dry for a few hours or Grab your blow dryer and dry it that way.


Optional weave a ribbon through the middle of the bookmark and glue down with hot glue gun.



Clover Bookmark